Living on Cape Cod, surrounded by the ocean, there is a wholesomeness that grows on you

as well as a strong undercurrent of quirkiness and creative energy in the landscape and its people…

These qualities can't help but be absorbed, completely saturated, and become an integral part of one's art and zest for life.

Amy is an artist & designer known for her whimsical cards, colorful graphics, and eye for the unique.

Many of her designs evoke feelings of summertime happiness.

Her extensive graphic design, fine art, and home & retail styling experience combine to allow her distinctive flair to shine in all of her work.

Inspiration comes from walks in the woods, petting the cat, journaling, road trips,

weathered old stuff, architecture, cities & busy villages, swedish fish...

But, mostly, from the good ol' humor of everyday life and times spent with fun-loving family & friends.


Whether you need a complete home redo, a fresh eye, or custom stationery for a special event, working with Amy will be enjoyable and worthwhile.

Her goal is to keep projects simple and stress-free.


Amy’s studio, Stony Brook Design, is located in her home in Brewster.


When not escaping in their wee vintage camper,

Amy and her woodworker husband, David, live in an antique fixer-upper on Cape Cod with their cat, Lulu.